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Vendor Inspection, sometimes referred to as source inspection, shop inspection or independent third party inspection, involves inspection activities performed at manufacturer’s works on all types of new build mechanical, rotating, electrical, and instrumentation equipment that are purchased by clients .

Quality Vendor Inspection Services
This is referring to all activities that are done by a third party inspector regarding the quality part of work. The other tasks can be vendor quantity inspection, vendor packing inspection, vendor marking inspection and vendor loading inspection.
The third party inspector is normally assigned by the purchaser, and the scope of work also determined by the purchaser. The purchaser identifies which third party inspector in which inspection stage must attend to the vendor shop for witnessing a test or inspection.

LIA  provide a complete solution, covering every aspect of supply chain management. Our global network of competent, qualified experts is strategically located to serve the world’s major industrial suppliers, and supported by offices worldwide. From one-day visits to long-term residencies, our technical specialists are on hand to carry out inspection and verification services whenever and wherever you need themOur key areas of expertise include the inspection of material, machinery and manufactured items, for example vessels, rotating equipment, valves, fittings, piping and other components. This is complemented by process specific expertise in disciplines such as manufacturing, welding and fabrication, instrumentation and control systems, coatings and non-destructive testing.


In engineering and its various subdisciplines, acceptance testing is a test conducted to determine if the requirements of a specification or contract are met. It may involve chemical tests, physical tests, or performance tests .

The factory acceptance test (FAT) refers to the functional test that is performed by the vendor upon completion of the manufacturing process to prove the equipment has the same specification and functionality that indicated in the datasheet, specification and purchase order.
The test typically is witnessed by the third party inspector and customer representative (purchaser). The term of “factory acceptance test” are used by vendors rather than customers and is implied for electrical, rotating and skid mounted units.