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Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company
Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company is an US Government Licensed and Approved company Headquartered in United States of America .
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Our Vision & Mission


Lloyds Inspection Agency America Vision aim is to be a Main Service Provider

Globally for Certification, Auditing, Inspection, Assessment, Testing and Training.


Deliver quality, cost effective and value added services to our customers.

Complying with the regulatory and statutory requirements that are applicable to our field of business operation.

Keeping a Competent Work Force and expand their competence.

Responding to the market needs by expanding and diversifying in various related fields.

Maintaining the integrity of our company and ensuring the intermittently improvement of our management system.

Securing the Stakeholders Interests.

Lloyds Inspection Agency America

     Lloyds Inspection Agency  Third Party Inspection Services comes in between the Purchaser & Supplier to ensure the Services required by the First Party and Second parties are met and in Order with Terms of References.

It can be only an Survey or an Consultancy or an Audits or an Inspection Performed for Quality .

Inspections performed for Quality and Standards is where the Term used as TPI but more or less an Consultancy Company or an Audit Company can perform the same but the word Inspection is not used normally and will be mentioned as Consultancy Services or Audit Services  . But In all cases Competency of the Person comes as First Priority and along with the TPI company past Project Records and Experience in the same jobs

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Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company | USA

Lloyds Inspection Agency American  Company is an US Government Licensed and Approved company  ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 & OSHAS 18001:2007 certified  an Independent Third Party Inspection Agency handling most of the Jobs with Government Projects approved by the local , state, federal and international levels and Governments , and LIA certification demonstrates that a product or services complies with all International standard requirements.

Lloyds | LIA Group

Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company Lloyds| LIA Group is an Association of Qualified Engineers with high Competency personnels with high profile International Qualifications and with continuous Trainings attended and delivered to our Engineers and with vast Experiences , working in all sectors of Petroleum Industry , Chemical Industry ,  Oil & Gas Sectors , Oil Refineries , Offshore & Marine , Oil Rigs , Construction Industry , Manufacturing Industry , Medical Industry , Agriculture Industry  , Automotive Industry Etc .

Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company | USA
TPI or Third Party Inspection Services by LLOYDS | LIA Group
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What is  TPI or Third Party Inspections ?

By the term TPI some are well familiar with it, while others may still have a few questions in mind what is TPI and who is Third Party ?

This post offers a closer look at what third party inspections involve and what companies may gain from them when there is always a Purchaser and a Supplier  in our Global Market as First Party and Second Party based , who can engage an qualified Third Party to come in between and perform the TPI Services or Consultancy Services or Audit Services based on any project requirements  .

There are three common types of inspections out there. First party inspections are performed by the manufacturers themselves on their own and Second party inspections are performed by the buyer or the buyers’ in-house quality team and in these both cases engaging a third party from outside is not required as decided by the First Party or Second Party .

Third Party Inspections are made by an independent company usually hired by the buyer or can be the supplier who can decide to be the First Party or Second Party to ensure or ensuring the end user that all the products or services delivered  are in Order or as per Terms of References  or are up to the needed quality standards and the manufacturing process itself meets the international standards in term of Quality Management Systems(ISO 9001:2015 )  and Environmental Management Systems ( ISO 14000 ) and OSHAS 18001 based on the ITP and QAPs ( Inspection Test Plans and Quality Assurance Plans ) .

One of the main benefits of Third Party Inspections, as opposed to those performed by either the manufacturer or the buyer, is that the inspectors performing TPIs are unbiased by either side and can thus deliver a verdict that is fair without compromising the interests of either party – while, of course, looking out for the client and the requirements put forward. In simple words, their decision will only be influenced by hard facts and both participants of the manufacturing process will be able to get a clear picture of where they stand in the current project.

State and Federal Government Approvals for Third Party Inspections 

Third Party Inspections are typically performed by Government Licensed and Approved companies  , subjected prior proven to the Government Sectors to Achieve and get Approvals with the Legal Licenses to Perform Inspections , Surveys , Consultancy , Audits & Training with a Group of Qualified & Trained Engineers with relevant Experience and Records and specialized teams for several product and service categories.

Choosing the right Third Party Inspection provider which the Competent Persons to perform TPI Services is an important step in ensuring thorough quality control in the interest of the end-consumer.


A Conformity Assessment Body Improvising the Quality Management System & Certification Services
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Lloyds Inspection Agency Certification America LLC | USA Company is one of the biggest conformity assessment body compliance with ISO 17021-1:2015 and accredited certificates by multiple International accreditation boards (UK Accreditation & US Accreditation ) LIA CERT AMERICA LLC Company is having experienced professionals, helping organizations to achieve excellence and world class competitiveness through the application of standalone or integrated national and International standards certifications.

Recognized worldwide

LIA CERT accredited ISO certificates are recognized worldwide which helps organization to get global recognition for their product and services.


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+91 - 90 74 55 76 49


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+1 ( 818 ) 878 - 8088
+1 ( 917 ) 562 - 8032