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LIA Group of Companies Inc an USA based Group initially was formed as an Association of Engineers for Inspection services with a team of Professional Senior Personnels , Engineers & Experts who studied and worked in USA , Europe , Middle East , Asia and in  India from various Sectors & Disciplines of - Mechanical Engineering , Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering , Instrumentation Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Metallurgy & Petroleum Engineering and later converted as an Group of Companies in USA , CANADA , INDIA & Dubai-UAE as Company formations with COI - Certificate of Incorporation with Country to Country Local Government Approvals with New Management & Board Directors with Share Holders  expanding our operations World Wide.

On Year 2010,Again the company has developed into a LIA Group of Companies with one umbrella covering all  Corporate offices and Branch Offices of Lloyds Inspection Agency Companies  in USA ,CANADA ,UAE & INDIA .

Today LIA Group is one of the largest TPI Inspection Companies with Global Operations in USA , Europe , China , India , Middle East and Africa with shareholders and partners within the LIA Group with different nationalities and personnels who can speak different  languages , English , Spanish , French , Arabic , German Etcc.
The majority of share is owned by company Board Directors and dominate the corporate culture ever since company was founded and for last many years now LIA Group has been synonymous with stability and reliability and has always focused on long- term, close working relationships with its customers and business partners.
The main focus of everything the company does is to achieve maximum quality by our services offered in inspections & consultancy . Every single employee of the LIA group of companies pursues this objective in their everyday work. LIA Group is passionate about its Services , Consultancy , Audits & Training Programs and concentrates on the point of view of its customers in order to develop always solutions for them.

LIA Group of Companies

Lloyds Inspection Agency Inc.USA

Lloyds Inspection Agency Pvt Ltd | India

Lloyds Inspection Services LLC-Dubai | UAE

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