What is Third Party Inspections? 

By the term TPI some are well familiar with it, while others may still have a few questions in mind what is that ?This post offers a closer look at what third party inspections involve and what companies may gain from them.

A Third Party Inspection, or TPI, is the term used for independent impartial inspection services provided by a qualified company.


There are three common types of inspections out there. First party inspections are performed by the manufacturers themselves on their own. Second party inspections are performed by the buyer or the buyers’ in-house quality team.

Third Party Inspections are made by an independent company, usually hired by the buyer, to ensure that all the products are up to the needed quality standard and the manufacturing process itself meets the international standards in term of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015 ) and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14000.


One of the main benefits of Third Party Inspections, as opposed to those performed by either the manufacturer or the buyer, is that the inspectors performing TPIs are unbiased by either side and can thus deliver a verdict that is fair without compromising the interests of either party – while, of course, looking out for the client and the requirements put forward. In simple words, their decision will only be influenced by hard facts and both participants of the manufacturing process will be able to get a clear picture of where they stand in the current project.

Qualified Companies & Competent Persons

Third Party Inspections are typically performed by Government Licensed and Approved companies with relevant experience, trained and specialized teams on few or several product categories. Choosing the right third party inspection provider which competent persons to perform TPI Services is an important step in ensuring thorough quality control in the interest of the end-consumer.


Lloyds Inspection Agency Pvt Ltd Company is an independent Third Party Inspection & Certification Company  Licensed & Approved by many Governments in many Countries to perform Quality Checks that your system and assets meet end user requirements , for quality and standards in all type of sectors and industries - Oil & Gas Sector , Off Shore & Marine,Energy and Process Industries  , Petroleum & Chemical Industries .Lloyds Inspection Agency is unique in its ability to quickly provide trained and qualified technical specialists globally to verify both products and process quality with FAT inspections , QAPs , ITPs .Lloyds Inspection Agency is committed to delivering the highest quality of technical service, consultancy services , assuring technical integrity, and to provide a quality report detailing findings in a timely manner.We operate globally providing our clients with a wide range of inspection services . We deliver integrated solutions, auditing and asset integrity services, to our clients ensuring conformance to standards and specifications, within their supply chain in all sectors.







Third Party Inspections | TPI

LIA is the world’s leading testing, inspection, certification and verification company, with good experience, a wide range of expertise and a global reach. Whatever your specific area of business, contact us today to find out how our range of services dedicated to oil & gas sector .

Whether you are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas, oil sands or other hydrocarbons, LIA offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business.
We offer support with distribution and retail, including calibration services, facility audits, leak detection, and maintenance. As the field of oil and gas logistics can be so complex, we have a large global team of experts to help you get your products to where they need to be, safely, securely and in compliance with national and international standards.

We assist in the design and execution of blending, additive use and other optimization processes, onshore, offshore and in transit. You can be sure that our trade inspection services provide world class measurement and analytical services.


Lloyds IA - Oil Rig Inspections , Drill pipes & Tubular inspection Services

Lloyds Inspection Agency Company services in - Rig inspections, Drill pipe inspections and Tubular inspections identifies defects before they cause serious damage, assures smooth operation and reduces financial risks.

Oil rigs , Oil pipes and Oilfield tubulars are vulnerable to corrosion, cracking, third-party damage and manufacturing flaws. Lloyds IA services in Rig inspections, Drill pipe inspections and Tubular inspection services detect defects and discontinuities before they cause serious damage, assuring smooth operation and reducing financial risks.

“Lloyds IA”, an trusted inspection services company – for oil rigs ,  drill pipe inspections and tubular inspections .

Lloyds Inspection Agency Company , as an Third Party Inspection Agency  , an leading service provider of comprehensive Oil Rigs, Pipe and Oil tubular safety, inspection and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

With more than 1500 projects completed for the  Oil and Gas industry, we offer you unrivaled experience, expertise, specialized engineers and technicians, and worldwide resources. that is why we are the first choice for major operators and drilling contractors across the globe.


Lloyds Inspection Agency Consultancy Services | LIA Group

A Recognised Name in Global Market.

For close to two decades, Lloyds IA | LIA Group Consulting Engineers has provided innovative solutions in the fields of :

Oil  & Gas Sectors , Oil Rigs On Shore & Off Shore , Off Shore & Marines Services , Petroleum Industry , Civil and Structural engineering,

Among this diverse range of experience, one thing that’s made our name is how we’ve always been mindful of our clients’ needs.

No matter what your goals are, we understand that a sensible budget and a cost-effective plan are two key components in making every project a success.

To get started working on yours, all you need to do is give us a call or send a mail to us : info@lloydsinspection.com


Lloyds Inspection Agency Factory Audits is a tailor-made program aimed at assessing a facility's quality systems, workplace environment and capabilities in accordance with standards set by the client or as per International Standards .

It ensures that your vendors and suppliers are able to undertake a specific order as per your requirements.


Human Resource Managements | HR Departments  of any organisations prefers always qualified employees in jobs and to achieve that - Company needs Professional Training and Development Programs from Qualified Professionals from a reputed company and that is where we comes and are approached by the companies/clients and personnels  , where we "Lloyds IA Training Services"  is recogonised as Global Leader in International Training Programs   for any organizational activity aimed at bettering the job performance of individuals and groups in any organizational settings.

What are the benefits of Training from Lloyds IA ?

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees | Increased employee motivation.
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods |Increased innovation in strategies and products.
  • Reduced employee turnover.

What is the goal of a training program taking from us Lloyds IA?

Lloyds Inspection Agency Company accomplish our mission by focusing on the following goals ,Provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment ,Provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the organization.

Lloyds IA Technology-Based Training & Development includes following methods: